Texan Builder’s Member Center

This is where you will get updates on your project as well as enter warranty requests and track the status of your job.

To get started, click on a project to the right. The project will typically be your name or address. Once you click on your project, you will be taken to a page with discussion topics. There could be one or several topics depending on the size and nature of your project.

Once you have clicked on a topic, you will be able to see our updates and comments as well as make updates, comments or ask questions. If you are replying to a message or asking a question about a message, please click on the “Reply” link within the original message. That way all of our comments will stay together in one conversation rather than scattered where they could be lost.

If you are opening a new topic, go to the bottom of the page, or click “New Message” next to the title to be taken to a dialogue box for you to type your question or comment, then click “Post Message” to publish your remarks.

Please refrain from sending e-mails. By using our online system, you ensure that everyone that needs to be in the loop will get your update and all of our communications will be archived in chronological order for future reference. By default our system will be set to email a notification to you when new information is posted online, but please go to the site to comment rather than responding to the email so that your response will not get lost.

We hope you will find this system of communication useful. If you have comments or suggestions for improving the system, please let us know.

Thank you for your business!
Les Smith
Texan Builders, LLC